Zeimet Wozniak and Associates has been proudly serving the real estate and development community with professional site engineering and land surveying services for over 40 years.  Our talented and dedicated professionals continually strive to deliver quality projects on time, within budget, and with unparalleled service.

As a result of our practical and personalized approach to design, we have earned the trust and respect of architects, builders, developers, municipalities and nonprofit organizations.

Comprehensive planning, engineering and surveying are the hallmarks of every Zeimet Wozniak project.  We are committed to excellence and innovation in every aspect of the building and construction process.  Each project is produced to sensibly integrate with the environment and the community to create a successful and sustainable development.

We are a certified small business enterprise and are pre-qualified to perform work with MDOT.

Zeimet Wozniak is licensed to practice in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia and Florida.


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